Summer Alice


We have some cute coordinates from Putumayo today!!

Putumayo is inspired quit often by
Alice in Wonderland.

Since Summer is just around the corner, 
here are some summer Alice in Wonderland inspired coordinates.

Not only are the cuts of the garments super cute, but 
who can resist Putumayo's amazing prints!!

The large emblem bags can be used in 3ways. 
It even turns into a backpack.

Get them before it's too late!!


Harajuku Hearts


The Darkness Takes Over

Hello Everyone!

Attention all Gothic Lolitas!!

Enchantilic Enchantilly has come out with the 
"The Castle of Otranto" Over Skirts

They come in three colorways 
each depicting a different time of the night. 

*Blue - The start of the night
*Black - Midnight
*Brown - The end of the night

Here is a coordinate with the over skirt with the 
Chantillic Ribbon Onepiece.  

The great thing with the over skirt is when you put another color underneath
the skirt, it will change the feel of the scenery of the print.

Harajuku Hearts