Despite the rain . . .


One min the sun is poking it's head through the clouds 
then the next min. it's pouring

Well despite the rain, we got a new shipment from 
Enchantilic Enchantilly

She has come out with so many new  items 
Perfect for a casual or gothic look.

All the items are only available in-store, 
so come in and check them out 
when you have the time!!

Harajuku Hearts


Is it spring yet?

The weather is getting really nice here in
San Francisco!

Spring is just around the corner, we don't know about you all
but the staff here can't wait for spring time ♪

We recently got a lot of cute floral items in, 
which is perfect for the upcoming spring time.

The print looks like a vintage newspaper with 
lovely floral accents.

Perfect for a classic look. 

If you get a bit chilly you can throw on 
this elegant lace bolero from 
Atelier Pierrot. 

Harajuku Hearts


Sweet Valentine ♥︎

Hello to all the cute couples and lovely singles!!


The strawberry cookie is a homemade 
cookie by one of our customers!! 
Even the seeds of the strawberry is shaped like hearts.

Speaking of cookies,
It's time of year for girls scout cookies again!!
What's your favorite box of cookies?
One of our customers brought us a different
selection of cookies (^ ∇ ^*)ノ〃

We just want to thank all the sweet customers who 
came to visit us & brought us sweets 

Harajuku Hearts


Roses are red . . .


The sun is slowly starting to 
show it's face again ♪

It's perfect that the weather is getting nicer right before

Do any of you have special plans?
Here is a beautiful coordinate from 
Enchantilic Enchantilly 

We just got a restock of her Chantillic Ribbon Onepiece.
It has six drawstrings so you can customize it anyway you want!
Pull them all down for a simple dress, or
 pull the drawstrings up to reveal the chiffon ruffles for a special night out!!

And for Valentines day you can't forget the flowers.
These ones are pretty & they will last forever!

The top one is a flower comb made out of velvet flowers.
They are also decorated with real Swarovski crystals,
so they sparkle and shine.

All you singles don't be mopping around,
don't go feeling down, sorry for yourself
grab all your single friends and have a fun night out ☆

Harajuku Hearts


It's ra~ining it's po~uring ♪

Hello Again ♡

We hope everyones keeping warm! 
It's cold and pouring rain here in San Francisco,
but it must be EVEN COLDER in other countries where it's snowing.

It's cold & wet but it's the much needed rain 
because of the drought!!

Still it makes you want to curl up, have a hot chocolate
and watch the winter olympics! 

Just because it's cold doesn't mean you have to wear boring old clothes. 

We currently have a lot of knits and parkas to keep you warm!! 
Layer UP under the coat to keep cozy!


★ Cat Star Skull Cardigan ★
It's a great unisex piece! Stars can be worn by both genders,
and it's the perfect amount of baggy for the petit girls.
Double Knit = Double the warmth ♪

★ Cheshire Cat Mohair Parka ★
Again another great piece for any gender!
It also has a hood with ears. It's light weight enough to use 
for spring but great for layering for the cold days.

Our favorite staff pick though is the
★ Debi Bear Parka★

The Debi Parka has a hood with bear ears but the
BEST PART is that the parka has mittens!! WITH CLAWS

So you can hook them onto a little button to keep them
out of your way, or cover your hands so you have paws & claws!!

Click to find more knits and parkas to keep you warm ♥︎

Harajuku Hearts


NEW YEAR! NEW Everything ☆

Hello Everybody!!
Since it's a New Year, look out for a lot of changes from

If you haven't noticed yet we have also revamped our website!!
We are still in the process of changing things but
it looks so much better then are old one wouldn't you say?

Also one of our store resolutions is to start blogging again!! 

So our first main topic for our blog is . . .

We just got in a NEW PUTUMAYO SHIPMENT!!
There are many new items from their spring collection including accessories.

All of the items are already available in-store and online
Most of the items we only have one of each so don't miss out. 

Check out our Tumblr for more detail images of the Sugary Stripe Halter JSK Coordinate.

We also would like to Thank you for all the support, 
and we hope to keep improving things for the future ♪(^▽^*)ノ⌒☆

Harajuku Hearts