It's ra~ining it's po~uring ♪

Hello Again ♡

We hope everyones keeping warm! 
It's cold and pouring rain here in San Francisco,
but it must be EVEN COLDER in other countries where it's snowing.

It's cold & wet but it's the much needed rain 
because of the drought!!

Still it makes you want to curl up, have a hot chocolate
and watch the winter olympics! 

Just because it's cold doesn't mean you have to wear boring old clothes. 

We currently have a lot of knits and parkas to keep you warm!! 
Layer UP under the coat to keep cozy!


★ Cat Star Skull Cardigan ★
It's a great unisex piece! Stars can be worn by both genders,
and it's the perfect amount of baggy for the petit girls.
Double Knit = Double the warmth ♪

★ Cheshire Cat Mohair Parka ★
Again another great piece for any gender!
It also has a hood with ears. It's light weight enough to use 
for spring but great for layering for the cold days.

Our favorite staff pick though is the
★ Debi Bear Parka★

The Debi Parka has a hood with bear ears but the
BEST PART is that the parka has mittens!! WITH CLAWS

So you can hook them onto a little button to keep them
out of your way, or cover your hands so you have paws & claws!!

Click to find more knits and parkas to keep you warm ♥︎

Harajuku Hearts

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